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This page is for those who have read the Meaning of Christmas page and still have a few doubts. Some thoughts:

If you have always believed in Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, thought that you descended from a monkey, and had the idea that science disproves the existence of God, maybe that's because you never had a chance to learn anything from the other side. The facts of science support the existence of the Creator of the universe. We don't have enough space or knowledge here to discuss that science. So if you really need to satisfy your logical side, we suggest that you visit the websites linked to above.

But after everything is said and done, it is impossible to find and know God through human reasoning or science. We must seek him with our hearts through faith in Him. So if you want to understand the truth, here's some advice for you. Pray to God and say something like, "If the things on the Meaning of Christmas page are really true, please reveal yourself to me." Then watch for His revealing Himself to you. While you are waiting for that, open your heart to Him and seek Him with all your heart.

To do that, go to a church and talk with the pastors and ask them questions. If you are American, you can do an internet search for good churches in your area. Or here find a broad range of evangelical churches.

Read the Bible and try to understand the truth about Jesus. You may find it helpful to begin with the book of John, which is the fourth book of the New Testament in the Bible.

Please reread the Meaning of Christmas page and meditate on its meaning.

You do not need to have a large amount of knowledge about Jesus to believe in Him. Believing in Jesus is very ordinary and simple to understand. God does not require you to read or do this or that, but for now only wants you to believe in Jesus Christ. Remember that God wants the best for you and wants to have a personal relationship with you. If you believe in Jesus, you can find peace and understand the real truth about life.

About the Word of God

The Bible is often called "the Word of God." Thousands of years ago the Hebrew king David wrote "God's Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." Today people annually buy many tens of millions of Bibles in almost every national language. "Bible" is a Greek word meaning "books". Beginning 3500 years ago, over a period of 1600 years the Bible was written mostly by Hebrews. Not even one word of the Bible came from the mind of man, but rather from the mind of God. He put all of this truth into the minds of the writers through His supernatural power. Therefore the Bible is a perfect, completely errorless, truthful book. There is no other book which emanated from the mind of God.

Does it sometimes seem to you that one just tries to find his own way through life and at the end simply dies? There are times in the life of anyone when a decision must be made, yet through human reasoning you just don't know what to do. But the Bible shows us what to do in almost every area of life: work, business, money, marriage, how to relate to family and to others, childbirth, health and sickness, success and failure, living in God's grace, etc. In this way God shows us the right way to live. These truths have a tremendously positive effect on the daily lives of the followers of Jesus. By living according to the Bible the followers of Jesus are able to make life's big and little decisions in faith, and have a right purpose for living, not wandering.

So, to the followers of Jesus every single word written in God's Word is invaluable. Therefore, from the earliest times copies of the original manuscripts were made with the utmost care, in order to make sure every word and letter was copied without error. Right up to today the words which were written on the original manuscripts have been kept as they originally were. However, in the course of history the followers of Jesus have read and studied the Bible, and conveniently divided each book into chapters, each chapter into verses, and added names and titles. So God's Word has two main parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament, containing a total of 66 books, each with their own names. The Old Testament is the oldest factual record of the history of mankind. The Old Testament tells how the world and universe were created, and also about the first humans and how God related to them. The New Testament is about what Jesus Christ said and did, how and why people began to follow Him, how man should relate to God and men, what happens after death, how the earth will come to an end, and what will happen in the future.