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Non-Christmas: Traditions and Activities that pull
focus away from Jesus Christ

In other words, we recommend NOT to do these. See the Traditions/Activities page for those that focus on Christ.

1) Putting up decorations that have nothing to do with Jesus. See our Decorations page.

2) Buying postage stamps that have to do with secular portrayal of Christmas. Like Santa Claus, reindeer, etc.

3) Reading stories that have absolutely nothing to do with Jesus, like Grinch, etc. 
See our Books page.

4) Parties/gatherings with drunkenness and/or gluttony.

5) Caroling or playing Christmas songs that have nothing to do with Jesus. It's not that the song is necessarily wrong. It's that the overall impact of having primarily secular songs is to detract from Jesus. See our
Songs page

) Sending out Christmas cards or year end newsletters that do not focus on Christ. See the Traditions/Activities page for more on cards.

7) Teaching children that Santa Claus has godlike abilities and will bring them gifts. Allowing or even encouraging children to make lists of things they want from Santa Claus.  Taking children to sit on Santa's lap at the mall. Read more on our
Gifts page, and more on Santa on the Focus on Christ page.

8) Celebrating Christmas by going to movies, which are highly promoted in the Christmas season, and which have nothing to do with Christ, and often glorify sinful lifestyles.

9) Acting like family and family get-togethers are the most important thing in Christmas. They are not bad, but can become a replacement for honoring Christ. Of course we know that the family is God-given and extremely important. And for some families this could be the only time they get together all year. So in that since the emphasis on family at Christmas has some positive impact. But this focus can take on a negative character when you make family be the central meaning of Christmas. The meaning of Christmas cannot be found in family reunions focused on eating and giving gifts to the kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc.

10) Talking primarily about gifts during the Christmas season.  Then having a rip-the-paper-off, "I want more"-inducing, gift-opening extravaganza on Christmas morning where Christ is not glorified. Read more on our
Gifts page.

11) Not looking outside your own world of family and closest friends. See our
Spreading the News page.

12) Being sucked into making man/woman love into a central theme of Christmas. Like mistletoe, diamonds, “Let It Snow,” because we’re snuggling (or doing what a man and a woman do) by the fire, "Blue Christmas Without You," etc.

13) Telling people "Happy Holidays," because you don't want to offend people with the name "Christ". Even the phrase "Merry Christmas" has become so overused that it seems to have little impact. If you have come up with a good Christmas greeting and used it for a few years, and found that it turns people's minds to Christ, but does not seem stilted and contrived, let us know on the
Comments/Feedback page.

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